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Payment Gateway Services

RISINGSUN Payment Acceptance

We deliver to your website a real-time secured online payment gateway that will process your website transactions.

RISINGSUN Virtual Terminal Acceptance

Suited for call centers and other mail order, telephone order business. We deliver a Virtual Terminal Solution for these enterprises. Credit card payments can now be hooked up using this kind of service

Basic features of Payment Acceptance and Virtual Terminal Acceptance:

Supports over 180 transactional currencies where the cardholder will be billed in the currency of their choice.

Supports Real Time or Batch Processing of Payment Transactions

Re-Occurring Transactions Supported.

Easy Integration Interface that supports all OS platforms

Available for other Payment Methods (European Domestic Payment Methods, Debit Cards and alike)

We give our clients a secured Online Merchant Account Management System wherein they can manage their Merchant Account directly and execute refund, rebilling, reversals etc.


Suited for all card-not-present (Internet / MOTO based) transaction, RISINGSUN makes sure that we protect your business against fraudulent transactions and excessive chargebacks.

Below are the following Fraud Scrubbing Services we implement:

RISINGSUN Fraud Detect
A managed service, and we can define Fraud parameters for high volume transactions.

3D Secure
Also known as Verified By VISA (VbV), Mastercard Secure code

Verification Service (UVS)

Our system matches the billing address of the cardholder against the card BIN Bank Identification number) on where the card was issued.


Other services

Merchant Account Accreditation

RISINGSUN sets up your Merchant Account with one of our accredited Local and Asian Acquiring Banks. We cater some merchants from low risk to medium risk.

Business Legal Services

RISINGSUN can also help merchants to set up local entities in the Philippines and can refer your tax concerns to our partners to comply with the legal process and practice in the Philippines.

Want to accept payments online?

Our Internet Payment Solutions support credit cards like:

Credit Cards