Our Business Process

Our business gets your company directly connected to your own Internet Merchant Account, which is lodged directly to a Local and Asian Acquirer and we provide you payment processing depending on what type of business you are engaged with. We accept the following types of Merchant:

Type of Business Merchant Account Category
Low Risk Retails Shops
Online Apparel
Office Supplies
Health and Beauty
Pet Supplies
Home Goods
Mail Order / Telephone Order Inbound Telemarketing
Specialty Business Financial Transaction Services
Prepaid Services for International telephone cards
Multi-Level Marketing
Member Based Subscription Services

Business Process

Business assessment

At the initial stage, our Marketing department will assess what type of merchant account you are applying for and what possible payment solution would be best suited for your business. At this stage, we also pre-qualify your company with some requirements that you need to submit in order to pass our due diligence.


Once we safely assess your business, we would give you our formal quotation to what list of services that you need to avail with us, in order for your company to accept credit card transactions. We would also disclose to your company the quoted "discount rate" for your business.

Acceptance process

Once you accept and agreed on the level of service and price (a Formal Acceptance Letter will be faxed to our office), we will send you a Complete Compliance Business Package that we need in order to start the processing.

Merchant account processing

We will submit your application with our partnered provider and acquirer and approval of the account normally takes 1-2 weeks of processing.

Technical integration and merchant account signing

Once the Merchant Account is approved, RISINGSUN will begin technical integration of your business to our payment system and with our acquiring partner.

The Merchant Account Contract with our Acquirer and RISINGSUN Merchant Processing Agreement will be submitted to you for your signing.

After the process, you can now process credit card transactions!

Want to accept payments online?

Our Internet Payment Solutions support credit cards like:

Credit Cards